MiloSlick Scientific


Energy analysis and visualization tool

EnergyProbe is a Windows based professional grade energy analysis software application designed for energy analysts, utility load researchers, account managers and building performance simulation engineers to help explore, summarize and analyze electric and gas interval load data. Because it can process almost any type of time-series data, it is equally useful as a general purpose data visualization tool for a wide range of analyses such as weather, industrial process control and other interval demand or consumption measurements. Learn more


Real-time intelligence about the California electric grid

PowerAdvisory™ is a free Windows application which provides continuous updates about the state of the California power grid. By utilizing information provided directly from the California ISO, PowerAdvisory is able to provide real-time status about the condition of the state's power grid and alert the user immediately to the possibility of rotating blackouts that become necessary during a Stage 3 Emergency. Learn more


Monitor, save and share your energy usage wirelessly

EnergyLogger is a free (for non-commercial use), native Windows application designed to log real-time energy usage from the “Tweet-A-Watt”, a wirelessly enhanced version of the ubiquitous Kill-A-Watt power meter. The interface is simple to navigate, provides all the pertinent information at a glance and can be made to disappear into the system tray or menu bar, doing it’s job in the background while your computer is free to do other tasks. Learn more

MallinCam Control

Native control for your MallinCam astronomical video CCD camera

MallinCam Control is our cross-platform image capture and control software which provides a powerful yet user friendly interface that allows you to view images, record video, and easily adjust all settings on your MallinCam astronomical video CCD camera using your Macintosh or Windows computer. Learn more

Night Vision using red cellophane

Night Vision is a simple macOS utility designed to help preserve your scotopic vision (vision under low-light conditions) by reducing the blue and green components of your monitor's output, leaving mostly red, which aids in preserving biological night vision. Learn more